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Anyone may contribute to HPL 501c3 and be considered a "member" of the organization. Anyone who is aligned with our cause is encouraged to donate any amount.

But there is also a special category of membership: organizations, groups, or people who wish to run one of our Associate Subsidiary Health programs. We call these members "Professional" or "Practitioner" members (depending upon what level they wish to join at).

Practitioner and Professional Members of HPL 501c3 Institute must align with our mission of Health, Prosperity, and Leadership for Everyone, Everywhere.

They must apply, sign an ethics pledge, are subject to a background check, be approved, and then renew their membership every year.

There are additional benefits. Approved Professional members get listed on our website, as members. They can get a free hosted website under their own domain name. They can also be covered under our liability insurance for the approved health, prosperity, or leadership programs they lead, run, teach, or organize. If requested and the program meets our guidelines, professional members may also come under our 501c3 non-profit status umbrella.

To apply for professional membership in order to get the website benefit OR the liability insurance, fill out this form and return to us. (If you have already been approved, then just please renew your membership annually.)

Professional Membership with Insurance for Health, Prosperity, and Leadership programs:$295 annually
Professional Membership with website (no insurance): $180 annually
If you prefer, you can pay a monthly subscription for Professional Membership with website (no insurance): $19.99 each month

To apply to become under our umbrella non-profit status, you can review the application form here, but you must have a personal conversation with CJ Rhoads, Managing Director, in order to be considered for this level. There is no specific fee for this status.


But as I said, you don't need to be a Professional or Practioner member to contribute to our worthy causes. You can click the donate button, and you will be given an opportunity to type in the name of one of our programs, or just leave it blank to give to all of them. As of July 2018 we are collecting tax-deductible charitable contributions for the following programs:


  • Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization
  • Organization for Pain Free Living
  • Complete Mind Body Spirit Tai Chi Association
  • Pagoda Writers
  • UUFP Garden Group/Food Bank
  • World Tai Chi Day
  • World Affairs Council of Reading
  • Berks Intercultural Alliance
  • UUFP Bluebird Trail (saving bluebirds every day)
  • United: Pottstown Dance Youth Group
  • Entrepreneurship Club of Kutztown University
  • Symposium for Integrative Health Tai chi Retreat
  • ASKLEPIOS Health Research Group
  • Reading Science Center