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Definition of Entrepreneurship

There is a lot of attention given to the health and leadership aspects of HPL501c3 Institute. As a non-profit, the mission to enable people and groups to connect toward health and leadership is understandable. The concept of prosperity is a bit more difficult to envision. Why would a non-profit organization be interested in helping people to become prosperous?

Well, if you think about it a little more, you will see that it makes perfect sense. First, the world's economy has been in trouble for half a decade already, and we probably have another half a decade to go before we start to see real progress. Economic factors are a big issue in people's health. Bankruptcy is the typical result when people lose their health because the cost of healthcare is so expensive - even if we have health insurance. Overwhelming health expense is the top, number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States.

Second, the best and easiest way for our economy to turn around is for small startup businesses to hire people. Additionally, every unemployed person who goes freelance, and begins to make a living as an independent contractor, integrative health provider, or business consultant is, in fact, starting their own business. Each of these activities goes a long way toward helping our economic health.

Third, one of the fasted growing sectors of business is healthcare, especially integrative health providers. The medical community is finally recognizing the benefits of integrative health practices such as tai chi, qigong, yoga, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropracty, counseling, nutrition, etc. Integrative health providers are often much more interested in helping people than running a business; but they can both help people AND become financially secure as long as they understand the secret sauce of success.

Fourth, when a person has health problems, getting and keeping a typical 9-5 job can be difficult. Independent employment is often the best option for someone who has special health needs. Indeed, if you have reviewed the history of HPL Consortium, Inc., you know that this organization just barely made it through the devastating automobile accident that founder CJ Rhoads endured and the years of debilitation while she recovered. Even today, Rhoads has to be very careful not to overcommit; her health is dependent upon her ability to stay out of pain and be able to manager her brain injury memory problems. And yet, Rhoads is normally extremely productive, hard working, and still accomplishes more in one day than most might finish in a week.

Rhoads, like many other people, has more to offer than simply going into work and completing tasks given to her by others. She is, in her heart and soul, an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs know that they control their own destiny. They can envision a future where they are rich beyond their wildest dreams, or more productive than anyone else they know, or the kind of community leader who will impact thousands and thousands of people long after they are gone. They are self-starters, dedicated, and hard-working, and they wish to benefit from the fruits of their own labors instead of lining the pockets of executives in the corporate world.

Because of the knowledge and experience of CJ Rhoads, as well as her own inborn-need to help people, HPL 501c3 is able to offer a particularly unique program, unlike all the other programs available through HPL Institute. Entrepreneurs Traveling to Prosperity Entrepreneurs Traveling To Prosperity (ETTP) is a support group for entrepreneurs.

We're not finished, though. There is another reason for a page devoted to entrepreneurs on HPL 501c3 website. We need your help. One of the programs of the Entrepreneurship club is pairing up a high school or college student with an entrepreneur who can help guide them on their journal. Mentoring a budding young entrepreneur is not very time consuming, and can be done virtually using internet meeting software, so you don't have to travel. All of the ETTP group members do their share of mentoring, but there are many more students who are interested in meeting with entrepreneurs and learning from them. Just listen to the high school students who got to take part in a previous program of the Entrepreneurship Club at Kutztown University. You can tell how appreciative they are when they get a chance to speak with real live entrepreneurs and business owners. Won't you help? If you think you might enjoy lending a helping hand to a young impressionable entrepreneur, sign up for our mailing list.