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Welcome to Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute

Welcome to the home page of Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute. You can read all about our mission and our member organizations, history and our leadership in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Our programs are wide and diverse, running the gamut from providing tai chi and qigong classes to groups and seniors, organically grown food for the homeless, entrepreneurship education for talented children, health research for the infirm, support programs for people living with cancer, pain relief programs for people living in pain, helping struggling writers to get published, to saving the bluebirds on the blue bird trail. The one thing all of our programs have in common is helping people achieve health, attain prosperity, and developing leadership skills - for everyone, everywhere. We know that it's a tall order, but our dedicated squadrons of volunteers all over the world are attempting to do just that.

As you see if you read our history, we started out twenty years ago as an association dedicated to Taijiquan, a Chinese martial art. In 2012 we changed our name to 美国健康与繁荣领导学院 (Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute) to reflect our larger scope and focus stated in our mission. (Much thanks to Ginger Wei for translating our name into Chinese.)

Please give to this worthy goal.

Are you a Healthcare Practitioner?

Kutztown University Students Helping with Integrative Health Practitioner Classes and Groups Website

Kutztown University students are helping HPL 501c3 Institute by creating project plans and conducting a survey that will help figure out exactly which features to include in the website and apps development. The website and apps (tentatively named "" and "" ) are designed to help Healthcare Providers and Integrative Healthcare Practitioners connect for the good of their patients and clients. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

Please click here to take the survey if you haven't already.

People and organizations join HPL Institute because they are in alignment with our mission (health, prosperity, and leadership for everyone, everywhere). Some member groups are directly part of our organization (those who have applied for Associate Subsidiary status [click here to apply] and qualify as 501c3 non-profits under our umbrella), and others are separate non-profits with their own non-profit status as Partners. We also welcome for-profit organizations as Partner members. Furthermore, individuals may join as Integrative Health Practitioners.

More About Integrative Health Practitioner Programs

The membership category for integrative health practitioners such as Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and other healthcare related teachers. In addition to our regular memberships, we now have available Practitioner Member and Professional Member levels. Qualified, ethical practitioners and professionals will be the first to take advantage of using the website platform to organize and manage their classes, groups, and client lists. (Soon we will also be working with several organizations for practitioner and professional members certification.) Furthermore, professional members who run health classes and groups under our HPL501c3 Institute program are eligible to be covered under our liability insurance. To apply for this membership, fill out this form and return to us.


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