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Members of HPL 501c3 Institute must align with our mission of Health, Prosperity, and Leadership for Everyone, Everywhere. Anyone who is aligned with our cause is encouraged to donate any amount. However, people and organizations who wish to get some of the other benefits must apply, be approved, and renew their membership every year. Approved Professional members get listed on our website, get a free hosted website under their own domain name, and/or liability insurance to cover their health, prosperity, or leadership programs. If requested and the program meets our guidelines, professional members may also come under our 501c3 non-profit status umbrella. To apply for this membership, fill out this form and return to us. If you have already been approved, please use these buttons to renew your membership annually.


Professional Membership with Insurance for Health, Prosperity, and Leadership programs:$295 annually
Professional Membership with website (no insurance): $180 annually
Monthly subscription for Professional Membership with website (no insurance): $19.99 each month