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Welcome to the HPL 501c3 Institute webpage. We enable people to achieve Health, attain Prosperity, and develop Leadership. We do this through helping groups put on workshops and classes, plan conferences, develop and maintain websites, produce video, and distribute publications.

Featured Project: Talented Teens and Business Leaders

Two of our groups are joining together to create a fabulous project called Talented Teens and Business Leaders (TT&BL). Looking to the future - mentor and mentee The Entrepreneurs Traveling to Prosperity (ETTP) and the Entrepreneurship Club of Kutztown University (ECKU) are seeking junior and senior high school students who would like to be mentored by business leaders. We first help teens uncover their talents and passions. Then we match them up with entrepreneurs and business leaders with similar talents and passions. The talented teens help the business leader with social media and teen culture. The business leader helps the talented teen make the kind of choices that will ensure a good start to a successful and lucrative career. Mentor and mentee most frequently communicate through smartphone technology. And we'll provide the smartphones (if necessary). We also teach both the talented teens and the business leaders how to best utilize the applications on their smartphone and help them figure out what ways to connect that work most conveniently for both of them.

TalentedTeen The TT&BL program is a win/win/win/win/win/win for those who are involved. The community gets students who are mentored for success, and that helps them remain in and flourish in school in order to become productive citizens. The high school students receive individualized help and support from a successful business person who shares their talents and passions. This is a great foundation for students who want to start their own businesses or get a head start in their careers. The college students hosting the event get a fabulous opportunity to network and get to know the top leaders in the business community. The schools are able to establish closer ties with successful business people who can help support them. The business leaders who mentor the students get the opportunity to inspire students who share their passions. The corporations who sponsor the students are better able to identify the truly talented teens and better prepare them to become remarkable employees.

Click here to download a brochure. (Please note that because of the Pennsylvania Budget impasse, the launch of the Talented Teens and Business Leaders program has been delayed until the Spring.)
TT&BL Brochure

Coming soon.... Applications for Talented Teens and Business Leaders to be considered for the program. Come back and look after February 1, 2016.

ALSO - For Our Integrative Health Practitioner Programs

We are just now formalizing new membership catagories for integrative health practitioners such as Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and other healthcare related teachers. In addition to our regular memberships ($60), we now have available Practitioner Member and Professional Member levels. Qualified, ethical practitioners and professionals will be the first to take advantage of using the CIRWEP platform to organize and manage their classes, groups, and client lists. (Soon we will also be offering certification for practitioner and professional members.) Furthermore, professional members who run classes and groups under our HPL501c3 Institute program are eligible to be covered under our liability insurance. To apply for this membership, fill out this form and return to us.