HPL Consortium is an organization dedicated to helping people and groups connect toward health, prosperity, and leadership. We are developing technology tools for small groups and non-profit organizations, and are preparing to start implementing some of those tools in the summer of 2014. During July & August, 2014, our websites will be down while we update the technology infrastructure. Please come back at a later date. (If you are really interested in some background information, feel free to check out our old web page at http://etmassociates.com , Enterprise, Technology, Management Associates, Inc. was our name before we changed it to HPL Consortium, Inc.

HPL 501c3 Institute is a virtual 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to helping underserved people and groups connect toward health, prosperity, and leadership - especially by sharing information on Integrative Healthcare Practices. Integrative Healthcare Practices such as Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition, Supplements, and other Wellness Activities are essential pieces to the puzzle of health and prosperity. We feel we can make the most impact by sharing research and hard evidence of the effectiveness and efficiency of these practices with physicians, healthcare industries, and people in general, and finding ways to encourage their more widespread use in society. 

HPL Consortium, Inc.  supports HPL 501c3 Institute, and provides them with the use of their PO Box, and phone number, and website tools. HPL 501c3 programs (such as Healthy Lifestyles; Making a Better Future; Pagoda Writers; Complete Mind Body Spirit Tai Chi Association ; and the Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization ) are still going strong while the website is down. Please contact us in person for further information.

HPL Consortium and HPL 501c3 Institute
PO Box 564
Douglassville PA 19518


HPL 501c3 Federal EIN number is 52-2328342.  We are registered under the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations ((http://www.charities.pa.gov/HPL 501c3 Institute Lookup) under registration number 41852.  Our PA sales tax exemption number is 75580415.